New for AW20!!


We are very excited to announce our first foray into fragrance with the wonderful world of Azzi Glasser and THE PERFUMER’S STORY.


Azzi Glasser is a unique multi award winning British Perfume Designer. 

Following 20 years as Creative Director for fragrance house CPL, she co founded and designed the acclaimed Agent Provocateur Parfum, which launched in over 60 countries. This huge success led to many more brand collaborations creating highly successful perfumes.

A rebel in a traditional industry, her creativity, style and unique approach has enabled her to build an enviable cult following. 

She’s had an amazing journey in fragrance from commercial to personal bespoke fragrance and the extraordinary vision to create unique scents for iconic actors- such as Helena Bonham-Carter- to immerse themselves and give a third dimension to the characters they portray. 

Now she is sharing her scent library through her own fragrance brand which included beautifully crafted and presented perfumes and candles that transport you to another magical place that is uniquely your own.